How Do You Pick Stylish Jeans? Bootcut or Straight?

Bootcut jeans on the left and straight leg jeans on the right for comparison
Photo #1
Well fitting jeans on the left and loose fitting jeans on the right for comparison
Photo #2
Here are the most important criteria for choosing a good pair of jeans in my opinion:


: I almost always pick bootcut or low rise boot. They make you look stylish. I do own a couple of straight jeans but their design is better than other straight leg jeans. Depending on your style you can even pick skinny jeans but you are on your own if you do that. Photo #1 shows an example of bootcut jeans on the left and a pair of straight leg jeans on the right for comparison.


: I always make sure it's of proper length. When you stand fully straight the jeans should almost touch the ground. It's okay if they touch the ground but you may need to fold the bottom of the legs so that you don't keep dragging your jeans when you walk.


: I always make sure the jeans are well fitted around my thighs. My experience says most jeans have loose fitting thighs and they make your legs look sloppy. Photo #2 shows you an example of well fitting jeans on the left and loose fitting jeans on the right for comparison.


: I like black, grey, light blue, dark blue jeans.


: I don't like distressed jeans because they don't look good on me. For those who don't know distressed jeans are jeans with many parts torn or scraped in order to show "style". Wearing something torn is just not appealing to me and you may easily tear your jeans further from the torn part, making your jeans less durable. I'd much rather show style through the actual style and pattern of the jeans!

Other than the above criteria other things matter less to me such as brand. Some brands like True Religion are extraordinarily expensive and they look no more fashionable than their counterparts in other brands. And some people love to wear expensive jeans with logos on them to let others know they are high end jeans. To me if the expensiveness doesn't justify the added design or style then it's not worth the money.

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