How Do You Pair Long Sleeve T-shirts?

Wearing a light blue long sleeve T-shirt and a pendant
Photo #1
A gray long sleeve T-shirt and a blue short sleeve graphic T-shirt
Photo #2
A men's long sleeve T-shirt is simply a T-shirt with long sleeves. American Eagle Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch are brands that carry a wide selections of long sleeve T-shirts.

Ways to Wear Long Sleeve T-shirts
One thing I love about long sleeve T-shirts is there are lots of ways to wear them. One way is simply wear a long sleeve T-shirt alone with a pendant (per Photo #1). Plain long sleeve tees are perfect with accessories. Silver rings or bracelets will add to the style of the look. You can wear accessories with long sleeve graphic tees too but they may not be needed if the graphic design is already complex and showy.

Another way is wear a short sleeve tee on the outside and a long sleeve tee on the inside which gives a classic look (per Photo #2 and Photo #3)! You can roll up the sleeves for extra style! Color matching is the key. The colors of the two tees should be contrasting, not too similar or in the same color family.

The fun thing about putting two tees on is the color contrast and layering. Different colors will make the look stand out more. For instance, with a gray long sleeve tee on, you can put on top of it a blue short sleeve tee (per Photo #2). The long gray sleeves will contrast with the blue and give a cool look. A white long sleeve tee and a pink short sleeve t-shirt compose a vibrant image (per Photo #3). Do as many experiments as possible at home. You will get an idea of how it works.

Other Interesting Ways to Wear Them
A sleeveless vest goes extremely well with a long sleeve T-shirt. Consider this look: a gray long sleeve tee with a white sleeveless vest on top, and a pair of white pants (per Photo #4). Simple yet powerful!
A white long sleeve T-shirt and a pink short sleeve graphic tee
Photo #3
A gray long sleeve T-shirt, a white vest, a pair of white pants
Photo #4

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