Tuck in or Tuck out your Shirt or T-shirt?

Gray T-shirt Tucked in White Pants
Photo #1
Dark Red Shirt Tucked in Black Jeans
Photo #2
A man's shirt or t-shirt can be tucked in or tucked out. Which way is better for which occasions? In general you leave a shirt or a t-shirt untucked for a more casual look, and you leave a shirt or a t-shirt tucked in for a more serious, sharper appearance.

Read below to see examples of each scenario.

Tuck in a T-SHIRT
Photo #1 shows a gray t-shirt tucked into white pants. One big difference between tucking in and tucking out is whether your belt visible to others. When you tuck your t-shirt into pants you show extra style by displaying your stylish belt.

Note when you tuck in a casual t-shirt you generally tuck in part of the bottom of the t-shirt so that you get this 'belt half seen' cool, casual look!

Also you show off your waistline by tucking in your t-shirt, and it usually makes you appear more energetic.

Tuck in a SHIRT
Photo #2 shows a dark red shirt tucked into black jeans. Usually when you tuck in your shirt you roll up the sleeves too. Refer to Roll Up Your Sleeves for a Sharper Look! for tips on when to roll up your sleeves! Again you give off extra style and spirit by parading your sexy waistline and belt!

Note when you tuck in a shirt you generally tuck in the whole of the bottom of the shirt.

When you wear a dress shirt and a pair of dress pants for a formal occasion you ALWAYS tuck in your shirt. In this outfit you are free to roll up your sleeves or no.

Tuck out a T-SHIRT
Photo #3 shows a dark red t-shirt untucked. Leaving a t-shirt out of your jeans or pants creates one of the most CASUAL looks. If you are going to a grocery store or taking out the trash this is the perfect outfit.

If you are out with friends you may consider tucking in the t-shirt to show more energy!

Tuck out a SHIRT
Photo #4 shows a casual plaid shirt untucked. Isn't this outfit bright, sunny, casually elegant? It is PERFECTLY fine to untuck a shirt if you can support your outfit with other elements such as stylish layering of t-shirts as demonstrated by Photo #4, which is one of my favorite outfits!

Now you can claim expertise on when and how to tuck in and untuck your t-shirt or shirt!
Dark Red T-shirt Tucked out of Light Blue Jeans
Photo #3
Casual Red Green Plaid Shirt Tucked out of Light Blue Jeans
Photo #4

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