Fashion Guide on Wearing Sweaters!

A black striped sweater under a black vest
Photo #1
A dark blue sweater vest over a light blue shirt
Photo #2
Men's sweaters come in various forms including sweater vests, turtleneck sweaters, v-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters. A sweater can be paired with other tops to make a fashionable outfit. A sweater can also keep you from cold - a must have in winter. Let's learn how to wear sweaters stylishly!

Crew Neck Sweater
Photo #1 shows a black striped crew neck sweater under a black vest. Pairing a sweater with a vest is a great way to dress for a casual occasion!

Sweater Vest
A sweater can also be a vest, meaning it is sleeveless and collarless. The material is usually thick layers of cotton as the sweater vest in Photo #2.

A sweater vest looks great on top of a shirt. When it's chilly but a long sleeve sweater makes you too warm, you can wear a sweater vest over a shirt and you'll feel it's just about right!

Turtleneck Sweater
When the weather is very cold a turtleneck sweater saves the day. Photo #3 shows a black turtleneck sweater I bought at Club Monaco, and it is light and warm. Wearing this turtleneck sweater in the top alone is enough to keep me warm on most chilly days!

V-neck Sweater
A v-neck sweater is simply a sweater with a v neck. Photo #4 shows an orange v-neck sweater on top of a white shirt. Pairing a sweater with a shirt is also a great way to dress for a casual or a semi formal occasion. Correct Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt has more details!

As you can see a sweater is so versatile that you can wear it whether it's cold or warm. A turtleneck sweater guards you against harsh cold while a sweater vest makes you comfortable in less cold weather.

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Black Turtleneck Sweater
Photo #3
An light orange sweater over a white shirt
Photo #4

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