What's Special about Banana Republic Sweaters?

Banana Republic Gray Turtleneck Sweater
Photo #1
Banana Republic Gray Turtleneck Sweater, White Belt, Dark Blue Jeans
Photo #2
When surfing at Banana Republic's website I find lots of stylish sweaters. When it's cold, we tend to wear clothes in layers to keep us warm. Before you realize it you'd have too many clothes on and you would feel heavy and hard to move. Thankfully sweaters at Banana Republic are lightweight and thick enough to keep you warm!

Material of Banana Republic Sweaters
The material of sweaters by Banana Republic is generally wool. To avoid getting shrunk after the machine wash and tumble try, these clothes should be treated carefully and washed only by hand or dry clean. When washing the sweater by hand, do not tumble dry; it needs to be air dried or laid flat to dry.

Since the material is made by extra fine wool, it is a bit pricey, yet it's still reasonable because of its high quality. The texture is strong and durable. Sweaters from Banana Republic is warm and soft at hand, not to mention it is lightweight and fashionable. Banana Republic is really pressing forward to make their clothes lightweight and soft.

Examples of Banana Republic Sweaters
The turtleneck sweater I bought is modest in style (per Photo #1). This sweater has stylish pattern on it and you don't need to overdo it at all. Simply throw it on and pair it with dark blue jeans and you are all set (per Photo #2)! It goes well with dark outer garment, such as black pea coat (per Photo #3), or plain dark blue crew neck loose type of sweater. Underneath you can pair it with dark blue jean or other well fitting jeans!

How to Pair Banana Republic Sweaters
A Banana Republic sweater, as well as cardigan and vest, has its unique style; therefore I don't recommend wearing any accessories. Otherwise your top will be too complicated and lose the theme. Photo #4 shows you a SHARP looking outfit where you wear the sweater inside a black leather jacket!
Black Pea Coat, Gray Turtleneck Sweater
Photo #3
Black Leather Jacket, Gray Turtleneck Sweater
Photo #4

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