How Do You Wear a Blue T-shirt Fashionably?

Light blue t-shirt over a white t-shirt
Photo #1
Dark blue t-shirt over a white t-shirt
Photo #2
Blue, navy blue, light blue, cyan or turquoise are all cool colors. Different tones of blue radiate different kinds of charm. The contrasting color of blue is orange. The neighbor colors are purple and green.

If you have chance diving, you will find multiple species living under the sea. All kinds of fish in various colors shine in the sea world. Different colors of coral reefs and seaweeds look like flowers and grass under the sea, yet you don't find them strange or unfitting in the blue environment. The point is clear: blue goes with all kinds of colors: yellow, red, green, black or white.

My favorite color that goes with blue is white. Photo #1 shoes a light blue graphic t-shirt worn over a white t-shirt to show contrast. Just to show you that dark blue goes with white too, I put up Photo #2 in which a dark blue button t-shirt is worn over a white t-shirt. Don't they look GREAT together?

A blue t-shirt goes well with red as mentioned earlier. Photo #3 shows a red plaid shirt over a blue t-shirt. Also different shades of blue can look fashionable together. Photo #4 is a case in point where you see a light blue long sleeve t-shirt and darker blue jeans.

Blue fits all kinds of skin tones.
Blue T-Shirt and A Red Black White Plaid Shirt
Photo #3
Light Blue Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt
Photo #4

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