What are the COOLEST ways to wear a GRAY jacket?

A Gray Jacket and a black solid T-shirt
Photo #1
Gray Silk Jacket White Graphic T-shirt
Photo #2
Gray is a neutral color and as such it theoretically matches all kinds of colors. However gray is the only neutral color that can have various shades. You can have light gray, dark gray, blue gray, and so on. Therefore matching a gray color jacket takes more caution. Read on to find out more!

What are the BEST colors that match a Gray Jacket?
A gray jacket looks GREAT with black. Photo #1 shows a gray jacket worn over a solid black t-shirt. If you feel your top is missing something simply throw on a bronze or silver necklace.

Another color that a gray jacket looks best with is WHITE. Photo #2 shows an outfit with a gray silk jacket and a white graphic tee underneath. Looks great doesn't it!

You can try to pair a gray jacket with a gray t-shirt but they'll need to have a distinct shade difference so that you won't look gray all over your top. For example you can pair a dark gray jacket with a light gray t-shirt. If one of the elements has a distinct style such as striped then they'll be a great match!

Bright colors such as orange appeal to your eyes. Photo #3 shows a gray cardigan jacket and an orange graphic tee inside. Not too shabby is it!

What Styles does a Gray Jacket Match with?
As mentioned earlier if your top elements have different styles they probably match each other well. Photo #4 is an outfit with a gray suit jacket and a black gray striped sweater inside. They are a neat match!
Gray cardigan jacket and Orange graphic tee
Photo #3
Gray suit jacket Black gray striped sweater
Photo #4

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