How Do You Pick a Nice Shirt?

Express Dark Red Fitted Piped Military Shirt
Photo #1
Merona Pink Striped Shirt
Photo #2
When you walk into a men's clothing store wanting to get a shirt how do you select the shirt you want from a selection of shirts? How do you know which shirt is good?

Read on to learn three key rules about picking a quality men's shirt!

Collar Needs To Naturally Stand Up
First of all the collar of the shirt needs to be firm and naturally stand up, like the collar of the dark red shirt in Photo #1. A shirt that has a firm, erect collar is usually more expensive but the cost is totally worth it!

If the shirt's collar is weak and collapses easily like the pink shirt in Photo #2 then this shirt may not be suitable as a dress shirt. It may be suitable as a casual shirt instead.

Fabric Needs To Feel Soft And Comfy
Feel the texture of the fabric of the shirt. Does the shirt feel soft and comfortable like the shirt in Photo #1? Or does the shirt feel cheap, rough, stiff?

I remember once I saw a dark blue shirt in H&M and wanted to get it but the shirt just didn't feel right. Later I went to Zara and saw a very similar dark blue shirt which felt SO soft and nice. I bought the dark blue shirt from Zara right away even though it was much more expensive than the shirt from H&M.

Shirt Needs To Look Smooth And Neat
Stand back and take a look at the shirt. Does the shirt look smooth and neat like the shirt in Photo #1? Does does the shirt look fluffy or with tiny balls that may be mistaken for being over washed or worn? Obviously you want to pick the former regardless of the possible higher cost!

Master these three rules and you'll know exactly how to pick a HIGH QUALITY men's shirt. If you are in a mall shop at more men's clothing stores before you decide what shirt to get!

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