Guide on Wearing Collared Clothes!

A white shirt and a black V-neck T-shirt
Photo #1
A pink sweater and a blue shirt
Photo #2
A collared piece of clothing is simply an item with a collar. Collared clothes usually include collared shirts, collared polo shirts, collared jackets.

So what's the key to wearing collared items? The key is you only need one collared item; the remaining items should be collarless. If your collared item is the only top you are wearing such as a polo shirt or a shirt then you are all good. If you pair it with other tops then you need to be careful.

Here are a couple of examples.

Photo #1 is the "standard" way of wearing a collared shirt. You simply wear the shirt over some undershirt or T-shirt. And you are all set for a casual look. In this outfit you are wearing one collared item.

Photo #2 is one of the BEST ways of wearing a collared shirt. You wear the shirt underneath a sweater. A v-neck sweater works best. In this outfit you are still wearing one collared item.

Photo #3 is yes another BEST way of wearing a collared shirt. You pair the shirt with a stylish cardigan and you cannot go wrong showing up at any casual gathering!

Photo #4 is actually an exception: I am wearing a white polo shirt and a blue polo shirt. However they are of the same style and design and they layer each other so harmoniously that they are a great match.

Obviously when it comes to fashion there's no right or wrong. As long as you are confident in your choice of style you will look great!
A black cardigan over a white shirt
Photo #3
A blue collared polo shirt over a white collared polo shirt
Photo #4

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