Mens style trends for summer 2013

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In the Nineties, few men were brazen enough to wear anything more exciting than a pair of cotton twill chinos and a checked shirt. The dawn of the Metro Male came in 1994, but it took the rest of the decade for gents to adopt their new role as glamorous fashionistas. The new century came with several new roles for men. Metrosexuals were joined by retrosexuals and ubersexuals who displayed their masculinity through trend setting styles and superior grooming habits. The days of one-size fits all trousers have ended and male catwalks have become more thrilling with every year that adds to this century. The most recent collections seem to represent the apex of this movement, with males being given an immense array of accents, color pops and experimental tailoring.

The indie rocker trend is a look that no metrosexual can afford to ignore this year. Black patent leather donned with silver studs and the inevitable Peter Doherty hat creates one of the hippest fashions for both winter and summer. Subtler, more elegant males omit the dual tone in favor of black on black ensembles that build textures instead of palettes. Fabricators have been working overtime to create freshened up materials to add new interest to grains. Leather or faux leather finishes are introduced through rubber-dipped, cracked and patent textures. The final aesthetic builds sophistication into the traditional Gothic style of the Eighties. Those who prefer a dash of flamboyance are rolling up their skinny jeans to show off their siren red socks.

The creativity and ostentation that has begun to influence men's wear tends to produce trends that are too over the top for the general closet and this element came through in collections designed for 2013. Many of the male fashion week models were sent down the ramp wearing leather micro-skirts and frilled boots. Cerise rose prints and over-sized knits were equally unbearable, but haute couture collections are to be seen as concepts to inspire, rather than styles to copy. Street wear will therefore feature large knitted scarves that will be used to replace polo necks. Wild print on print looks will resurrect Prince's Eighties glamour. The plastic trenches that found their way into fashion week events will be turned into more wearable glossy leather.

The Nineties grunge look has been reinvented through sleeker cuts and cozier textures. Rugged knits are paired with skinny black or tartan jeans and lengthy black trench coats will be worn with toe-capped shoes. The aesthetic can be adapted for formal wear through slim fit suits with high hemmed trousers. A flash of indigo on the soles of shoes is the perfect way to update a classic charcoal suit.

The great outdoors is having a drastic impact on aesthetic trends and lifestyles. People are spending more time with nature and if fashion dictates your own pastimes, you will be snowboarding, hiking and skating your way through the coming year. Rustic bomber jackets spattered with paint flecks are the ultimate demonstration of a fashionable way of life. Utilitarian styles allow adventurous males to wear their sportswear on the streets. Snowboarding boots are worn on casual Fridays, while weekends are best spent wearing gray on gray. The monochromatic head to toe charcoal trend is dominating winter fashion. On paper, the style may seem decidedly 'underwhelming', but textural experiments bring plenty of lavishness to the look. Black horn rimmed spectacles add a preppy touch that is perfectly finished with a vintage Fifties watch.

Burgundy is adding melodrama to evening trends. Rich velvety textures in deep claret are complemented with teal and black. Mustard and fuchsia are important colors, but when it comes to shoe soles and jeans, only indigo will do. Red accents are brought to sports shoes and are worn with neutral palettes. Shredded streetwear has metro males donning ripped jeans and tatty crochet accessories, which fashionistas worth their salt will be wearing with Seventies denim weaves and washes.

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