How Do You Wear Green Jackets Tastefully?

Wearing a dark green jacket and an orange graphic tee
Photo #1
Wearing a dark green jacket and a black graphic tee
Photo #2
Green goes well with its neighbor colors blue and orange as well as all the neutral colors: gray, black and white. When wearing a green jacket you can wear an orange (per Photo #1) or black t-shirt (per Photo #2) inside. White t-shirt or dark brown tee also go well with green jackets.

Green jackets are not easy to pull off. In order to match it well with your outfit we can study from the nature. Similar to roses, we can match green with some red as green leaves are seen with red petals a lot. In right proportions red sparks in green and appeals to the eyes. Different layers of green also look good. If your jacket is dark green you can pair it with a light green t-shirt (per Photo #3). Light green and dark green compose a lively image as different types of trees with their different shades of green leaves coexist in a forest.

It will be good to wear a black jeans or a black pants when wearing a green jacket on the top. As if it were to a tree, green goes well with dark pants just like green leaves go well with the tree trunk.
Wearing a dark green jacket and a light green graphic tee
Photo #3

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