How Do You Wear a Purple T-shirt?

Purple T-Shirt White Jacket White Belt
Photo #1
Purple is the edge color that goes between red and blue on the color wheel. When the color is more toward the red side, i.e. reddish purple, it is warm color. If this color goes toward the blue (bluish purple or purplish blue,) it is considered cool color. The contrasting color of purple is yellow.

Photo #1 shows a purple t-shirt and a white military jacket over it.

The color purple is a little bit awkward. It is either a bravo or a zero, meaning you either look fantastic or horrible when wearing it. My suggestion is do not purchase any purple or purplish clothes if you do not have confidence wearing them. Gray and orange and yellow go with purple. When wearing a purple tee, some gray strips on it add to certain flavors to the tee. A purple tee with orange or yellow graphic on it is presentable as well. Only when the proportion gets right will the purple look pleasant to the eye.

The bright purple looks young while the dark purple looks heavy. Purple can look stylish when it is handled properly!

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