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UniqloUniqlo is a Japanese casual wear firm whose goal is to design simply yet stylish clothes for all to wear. They have office all over the world, not just the U.S. When I was in Japan one time I checked out Uniqlo and I got to say I am impressed. Those of us who have been to Japan all know things are EXPENSIVE in Japan. Everything from daily commodities to food to electronics costs higher than anticipated.

Uniqlo is different. They offer reasonably priced clothes (which is in line with my principle Men's Fashion "for less") at decent quality and stylishness! I snatched several items most of which are T-shirts. And I must say they were the most pleasant purchase I made during the trip. Come check out Uniqlo whenever you are here in Japan or wherever they have store located!

Uniqlo's clothes generally run small. For me it can be one or even two sizes bigger than my usual size. Try different sizes at Uniqlo before you make a purchase to get a feel for what size is good for you!

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