How Do You Wear White T-Shirts Stylishly?

White Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt Light Blue jeans
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White Graphic Tee
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No need for other explanations. White matches all kinds of colors. Whether it is black, gray, red, green, blue, ..., you name it.

When a White T-shirt is worn alone..
To pair it well you will need to be careful with the color proportion and the style of clothes. White tee looks great when pairing blue jeans, as they resemble white clouds and blue sky and give a feeling of relaxation (see Photo #1). You can wear it on any occasion as long as it is not serious or official.

A plain white t-shirt is less formal than its black counterpart; it may not be proper to wear a white t-shirt alone as top when you go out. It may seem like an undershirt. However if it's a graphic tee then it's PERFECT for going out (see Photo #2)!

When a White T-shirt is NOT worn alone..
A white t-shirt is versatile in that it can be an undershirt inside almost any jacket or sweater or even blazer. Throw on a blue blazer and a pair of dark blue jeans and you look totally awesome (see Photo #3)!

White is also a good background color that accentuates the theme color. For example you can wear a white t-shirt on the inside and a black vest on the outside and some jeans (see Photo #4). This image resembles a seagull. Just learn from the nature and you will get an idea of how to match colors!

All tones of skin colors look good in white. White, black and gray are considered neutral and neutral colors look good with all colors!
White T-shirt Blue Blazer Dark Blue Jeans
Photo #3
White T-shirt Black Hooded Vest
Photo #4

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